Dj Days by Drena De Niro

She began her career in the entertainment industry working as a model. Driven by her interest in fashion and music she became a DJ and Fashion Consultant. This led to her work as a musical supervisor for Giorgio Armani, serving as the creative force behind the coordination of musical backdrops for fashion's most exclusive runway shows.


Throwback Thursday by Drena De Niro

Here I was at an award ceremony with my mom, Diahanne Abbott, and my dad, Robert De Niro, circa 197_? My dad won an award that night, but all I was concerned about was that Jack Nicholson and Angelica Houston were sitting at our table. I was so taken by her because she was wearing this black turtleneck with black wrap around sunglasses and her long dark hair; very Beatnik.

Old School Hangs on Prince Street '92 by Drena De Niro

This is Dondi White (one of the most influential graffiti artists in NYC) and I on Prince Street around ’92 I think. I had just run into him and Ricky Powell on the street and stopped to hang out and talk with them a bit.

NY back in the day was more chill. People hung out more in Soho because it wasn’t so retail oriented back then. There were art galleries, book stores , art stores ,clothing stores, leather shops ,nail salons, health food stores, specialty shops, bakeries, flea markets and no giant chain stores back then. It was a lot more fun to hang out there back then. It was a lot more locals and a little lot less touristy like it is now. 

Photo by: Ricky Powell

Photo by: Ricky Powell